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Constant Contacts eMail Marketing

PCS World Network is able to provide your business with easy-to-use email marketing and online survey products to help build strong, lasting customer relationships.  Constant Contact®, Inc. ( is a leading provider of email marketing and online survey tools for small organizations.  If you are looking for effective ways to grow your business, then Constant Contact’s customer communication tools will give you a valuable addition to your core services. Constant Contact’s ease-of use and affordability makes it a great solution to meet your marketing needs.

With SpeakUp! SM Email Marketing, Constant Contact’s email marketing product, your business can quickly and easily create professional-looking emails, manage contact email lists, measure email campaign results from clicks to open rates, and review who joined email lists. With ListenUp!SM Survey, Constant Contact’s online survey product, you will have an easy-to-use tool to gain insight that will help your business meet customer needs, generate new ideas, and grow your business or organization.

ListenUp! Survey also helps you analyze responses quickly, create targeted email lists based on survey responses, take action, and followup with relevant email communications.

We understand that marketing probably isn’t your full time job. That’s why we're the only affordable email solution that offers free award-winning coaches and free online and local education. Seriously, you can talk to real people and get the expertise you need. No one else provides so much for so little - that's why we’re the best deal around. Our prices to build and manage your campaign start at only $150... Contact Us Today! (619)272-7593 or (888) 56-4PCS (4727)

Email Marketing is built for your success

Reach Your Customers
Looking Great is Easy
No List? No Problem!
More Than Email

You're sure to reach your customers where they are every day: their inbox. That means more people through your front door, more calls, and more revenue.

Create beautiful, professional-looking emails fast with customizable templates and drag and drop editing. No technical experience necessary.

Our list-building tools make it easy for you to grow your email list from your website, Facebook, mobile apps, and more.

We're there when you need us every step of the way as you grow: with free personal coaching, education, and a suite of easy-to-use marketing tools.

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