Don’t waste money purchasing IT infrastructure or an IT department. Outsource it.

Our goal is to help you get to a simple solution that supplements your environment, because it is in the best interest of both your organization and ours to do so. Plus, it's not expensive. Often we can improve your network infrastructure, and get you within the eSafe Bundle, by simply retiring old hardware, consolidating applications, and implementing the right cloud-based solutions for you! 

*Pricing includes coverage for users and all related network devices and servers and is based on a 1 year initial term and for organizations that have a Standard IT Management Profile. Learn more Here.

What are the different pricing models for eSafe managed IT solutions?

There are various pricing models available from managed IT service providers. These pricing models are designed to meet the business objectives of organizations both small and large and can include:

  1. Per-Device Pricing
  2. Per-User Pricing
  3. SLA-Based Pricing
  4. Stabilized Environment Pricing
  5. Value or Feature-Based Pricing

It is important to understand which managed IT support pricing model is best for your business and your budget.   What does each IT management pricing model mean for your business? Explore the answers below!