What Type of IT Services Do You Need?
Before looking at pricing, let's take a look at all of the different IT services that your business may need. This can help us give you a full picture of what goes into Managed IT Services as a whole.

First you probably can't afford a full time Chief Information Officer (CIO) for your business, but how about a virtual CIO? Wouldn't it be great to have a go to person that is able to create and manage your technology that grows with your business and leverages technology to help you meet your business objectives? A VCIO is basically outsourcing all or some of your Information Officer's duties to an experienced Managed Solution Provider (MSP) like PCS, from working with your staff, vendors and your partners. PCS World Network is a great place to start.

Managed IT Services Pricing: Which Plan is Best for You?

Subscrption Pricing Pro Plan Premium Plan basic details pro details premium details

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Our Managed Services Include:

Desktop Support

Email Support

Virus Protection

Business Continuity


Network Monitoring


Technology Purchases

Data Storage and Backups



SPAM Filtering

Users Support

Device Management

Help Desk Support

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