PCS has over 1,300 satisfied clients - over 10 years, who have benefited from our relationship.  Our clients know, we strive to deliver high-value comprehensive solutions throughout their business lifecycle.

92 % of our “Business” clients and 94 % of our “Individuals” clients are satisfied by the services of PCS.
These results arise from the annual satisfaction survey led within the framework of our quality policy and sent to more than 2000 customer contacts last December.

Below are our surveyed main results :

Our “Business” clients

  • 92 % of our questioned clients are satisfied by our analysis services and by our diagnoses
  • 99 % appreciate the professional quality of our team
  • 91 % are satisfied by the value for ROI
  • Generally, 98 % consider that the quality of our services is there always the same, and even improved.

Our clients said :
” Very good services “, ” Professional team, very competent “, ” technical quality services ” …

Our “Private individuals” clients

  • 94 % are satisfied by our services and more particularly by the Engine Diagnostic
  • 97 % are satisfied by the on-line purchase of the ” Engine Diagnostic “
  • 89 % are satisfied by the value for money
  • And, 96 % recommend our services to their relatives or directly on dedicated forums.

They particularly appreciate the clarity of analyses and results as well as the professionalism and the sympathy of our experts.

” I have already referred your company and phone number several times “, ” Clear analysis and results “, ” Excellent service(performance) ” , "Steve is GREAT"…