Effective Date: January 1. 2018 Last Updated: August 2018

PCS World Network Security Policy

We take our responsibility to safeguard your information very seriously and employ multiple safeguards in order to help insure that your information is protected as it is transmitted from your computer and stored on our computers systems here at PCS World Network.

Encryption -- When dealing with your personal/private information our computers, and working in partnership with your browser, use an industry standard security protocol  (Secure Sockets Layer – SSL) to help insure that the information is encrypted and protected from eavesdropping.  SSL helps insure that the conversation your browser is having with our servers is private and that the information contained therein is safe and delivered only to our computers

Firewall -- Once your information reaches our servers we protect it in many ways including storing the information on secure servers and using  a device known as a firewall which protects your information by detecting and preventing un-authorized access to the information.

Authorized access -- Working with our firewalls and other mechanisms we also protect your information by only allowing access to your information by employees and authorized parties who have  a legitimate and verified need to access the information in order to service your requests and administer policies and claims.

1 Policy Statement

1.1 Information is a critical asset of PCS World Network hereafter referred to as ‘PCS’. Accurate, timely, relevant, and properly protected information is essential to the success of PCS’s academic and administrative activities. PCS is committed to ensuring all accesses to, uses of, and processing of PCS information is performed in a secure manner.
1.2 PCS is committed to adopting a security model in line with ISO27001 international best practice standards.
1.3 Technological Information Systems hereafter referred to as ‘Information Systems’ play a major role in supporting the day-to-day activities of PCS. These Information Systems include but are not limited to all Infrastructure, networks, hardware, and software, which are used to manipulate, process, transport or store Information owned by PCS
1.4 The object of this Information Security Policy and its supporting technical requirements policy is to define the security controls necessary to safeguard PCS Information Systems and ensure the security confidentiality and integrity of the information held therein.
1.5 The Policy provides a framework in which security threats to College Information Systems can be identified and managed on a risk basis and establishes terms of reference, which are to ensure uniform implementation of Information security controls throughout PCS
1.6 PCS recognizes that failure to implement adequate Information security controls could potentially lead to:

  • - Financial loss
  • - Irretrievable loss of Important PCS Data
  • - Damage to the reputation of the PCS
  • - Legal consequences

Therefore, measures must be in place, which will minimize the risk to PCS from unauthorized modification, destruction or disclosure of data, whether accidental or deliberate. This can only be achieved if all staff and students observe the highest standards of ethical, personal and professional conduct. Effective security is achieved by working with a proper discipline, in compliance with legislation and College policies, and by adherence to approved Codes of Practice
1.7 The Information Security Policy and supporting policies apply to all staff and students of PCS and all other users authorized by PCS.
1.8 The Information Security Policy and supporting policies do not form part of a formal contract of employment with the College, but it is a condition of employment that employees will abide by the regulations and policies made by PCS from time to time. Likewise, the policies are an integral part of the Regulations for Students.
1.9 The Information Systems Security Policy and supporting policies relate to use of:

  • - All PCS networks connected to the PCS Backbone
  • - All PCS-owned/leased/rented and on-loan facilities.
  • - To all private systems, owned/leased/rented/on-loan, when connected to the PCS network directly, or indirectly.
  • - To all PCS-owned/licensed data/programs, on PCS and on private systems.
  • - To all data/programs provided to the PCS by sponsors or external agencies.

1.10 The objectives of the Information Systems Security Policy and supporting policies are to:

  • - Ensure that information is created used and maintained in a secure environment.
  • - Ensure that all of PCS’s computing facilities, programs, data, network and equipment are adequately protected against loss, misuse or abuse.
  • - Ensure that all users are aware of and fully comply with the Policy Statement and the relevant supporting policies and procedures.
  • - Ensure that all users are aware of and fully comply with the relevant Irish and European Community legislation.
  • - Create awareness that appropriate security measures must be implemented as part of the effective operation and support of Information Security.
  • - Ensure that all users understand their own responsibilities for protecting the confidentiality and integrity of the data they handle.
  • - Ensure all College owned assets have an identified owner /administrator

1.11 The PCS Board has approved the Information Security Policy and supporting technical policy. The Board has delegated the implementation of the Information Security Policy, to the heads of academic and administrative areas. The Director of Information Systems Services and his/her delegated agents will enforce the Information Security Policy and associated supporting policy.

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